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Our comprehensive catalog features our four product categories: power brushes, Anderlon® abrasive nylon filament brushes, specialty abrasives and maintenance products. In addition, it includes technical information, application and product photos and product tables.

• Application Assistance - Anderson’s Application Assistance Hotline 800-553-2371 is available Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm. Our Application Engineers are prepared to answer all of your deburring and finishing questions.

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Applications Lab Uses CNC
Machining Center For Solutions

CNC Machining Center

With the increase of in-machine deburring, our applications laboratory is equipped with a Hurco VSX-40 vertical machining center in order to perform technical viability analysis on customer parts. This is a free service offered by Anderson and has proven to be a valuable source of cost and time savings to our customers.

The Hurco permits recommendations concerning speeds, feeds and tool paths that are extremely precise. This virtually eliminates technical uncertainty for customers interested in implementing in-machine deburring. According to our Applications Engineering Technician, Chris Pona , "We can take the customer's part and show them exactly what a finished part will look like without any uncertainty concerning part quality or cycle time. We provide them with the parameters and they are good to go."

This free service has proven to be a valuable resource to Anderson customers. According to Pona, "We helped a machine shop take business from a competitive shop by supplying them with a complete deburring solution. Their competitor was hand-deburring a very complicated part and we devised an alternative on the Hurco. Our customer was able to get the contract with total confidence that they had a low-cost deburring solution in hand."

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